Is Asbestos in Your Air Supply?

Ask about asbestos duct removal in North Chesterfield & Richmond, VA

Before the health hazards of asbestos were well known, it was often used as insulation in residential and commercial ventilation. If your home or office is contaminated, you can count on MCC Abatement Co., LLC for asbestos duct removal.

First, we'll take a sample for testing. If it comes back positive, you can arrange an asbestos duct removal appointment in the North Chesterfield, VA area.

How does removing asbestos ductwork work?

You may be wondering how anyone can remove asbestos from a ventilation system that's stuck inside your home's walls. MCC Abatement Co. has contained and uninstalled ducts from homes throughout the North Chesterfield, VA area. Removing asbestos ductwork involves:

  • Taking out sheet rock to access the ducts
  • Spraying down the ducts to prevent exposure
  • Disconnecting and removing the contained ducts
  • Transporting them to an asbestos landfill

The best news is that removing asbestos ductwork typically only takes two days. Schedule your appointment today by calling 804-731-4238.