Removing Asbestos Flooring Isn't a DIY Project

Offering professional asbestos flooring removal in North Chesterfield & Richmond, VA

Asbestos flooring is typically safe to walk on. It's only when you decide to renovate that it becomes dangerous. Asbestos flooring removal can release the carcinogenic fibers, causing you and your family to inhale them. Simply pulling up old asbestos tile can be a serious health hazard.

Call MCC Abatement Co., LLC in North Chesterfield, VA for safe, professional asbestos flooring removal.

Ask our team to test your flooring for asbestos

How can you tell whether or not your tile floor is made from asbestos? Rely on our local lab for fast, accurate results. To test flooring for asbestos, our team will:

  • Take a flooring sample
  • Test it in our lab
  • Explain the results

If the test is positive for asbestos, you may decide to apply new flooring over it, rather than tearing it out. If you prefer, you can hire MCC Abatement Co. to remove it safely and completely.

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