Don't Let Plumbing Repairs Release Asbestos

Trust us to handle asbestos pipe removal in North Chesterfield & Richmond, VA

Most home and business owners only realize their building contains asbestos piping when a plumber tells them so. Although most plumbers won't work around the hazardous material, you can always rely on MCC Abatement Co., LLC for asbestos pipe removal.

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Resolve your asbestos pipe problem today

Why would you find asbestos in your home's plumbing? Until the late 1970s, plumbers used asbestos piping in homes through the North Chesterfield, VA area. Signs of an asbestos pipe system include a:

  • Gray or white, non-metallic color
  • White or black spray-on insulation
  • Crumbling, plaster-like coating

Asbestos pipes and insulation aren't always easy to spot. If you think you've found an asbestos pipe, ask MCC Abatement Co. to take and test a sample.